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Meet Jen

I'm so glad you're here! Thank you for taking the time to visit my website!


Let's see...a little about me. I'm just an ordinary girl living a beautiful, somewhat crazy, never-a-dull-moment life. :) I'm a wife, mom, friend, former kindergarten teacher, believer, perfectionist, night owl and so much more. We all have so many roles--I love them all and am blessed to have three kids that I am home with and a loving husband who is very supportive of my business. As a former teacher, it is no secret that I love little ones and really have fun with them. This shows in your photos and just makes for a better session all around! I understand how stressful photo shoots can be on parents (read: moms) and how hard it can be just to get out of the door with your kids. You can relax a bit knowing we're going to do our very best to encourage cooperation from your darlings and they just might surprise you. :)


Photography has been a lifelong passion for me and when we married, my poor husband couldn't believe the BOXES of photo albums that had! I have always felt that it is important to savor each moment--to slow it down and somehow, try to make it last. Embracing photography helped me do that over the years. As much as my bulky photo albums are a huge hassle to store now, those boxes contain my life, or pieces of it, anyway! Somehow, it just feels like life is more full knowing I can re-live the memories any day I wish just by paging through those albums.


If you are looking into custom portraiture, you're probably somewhat like me. You place a high value on photographs and they mean something extra special to you. You just might be storing a closet full of photo albums, too! Hehe. Either way, I'm glad you are capturing the moments however you do it. Big and small. The days and months fly by too quickly!


I'd be honored to spend an hour or two with you and your loved ones so we can slow down time just a bit and freeze those moments for you!


God Bless!